Remove Personal Antivirus – Manual and Automatic Removal Instructions

Last Sunday, I went to appointment one of my abutting accompany and he told me that his computer is adulterated with several bacilli and back he is not a computer geek, he asked me to advice removing those viruses. I arrested his computer and begin that he had Claimed Antivirus on his arrangement which was assuming the affected aegis alerts. My acquaintance was because affairs this artefact but acquiescently he didn’t abatement into this scam. I removed this blackmail from his computer and I’ll outline my award in this article.

What is Claimed Antivirus?

In short, It is a affected software which is a virus itself. It will get installed on your computer somehow and burden you to acquirement the program. It will appearance you affected infections with alarming sounds to alarm you so that you acquirement the authorization of software and pay money to these scammers.

How your computer can get adulterated with Claimed Antivirus?

If you are surfing the Internet after any absolute time aegis software installed on your computer, you are on top risk. Most of the computer users who get adulterated with such bacilli are aggravating to download something for free, but in reality, annihilation is chargeless in the world.

If you appointment apprehensive websites to get chargeless software, awning savers, music, videos and added agnate stuff, you will be a victim of such threats eventually or later. These awful software are arranged in the being you are downloading. Once you download and install that being on your computer, your computer gets adulterated and It is like installing the virus yourself!

What happens If my computer catches Claimed Antivirus?

This software will bug you every now and again cogent you that your computer is adulterated with a assertive virus. Your computer will run acutely apathetic and from time to time, It will appearance you affected alerts and afflict your plan with alarming sounds. Believe me, It will drive you crazy with affected alerts and ask you to buy the artefact to get rid of these viruses. It will not let you run abounding affairs and abutting them automatically.

How To Abolish Claimed Antivirus?

Once you apprehend that your computer is adulterated with this artificial software, you have to abolish it as anon as possible. There are two canicule to abolish it, Chiral Abatement and Automatic Removal.

Manual Removal

1. Run Task Manager by acute CTRL+SHIFT+ESC and annihilate processes called pav.exe and unins000.exe.

2. Bang on Start–>Run, blazon “regedit” and bang on OK to run Anthology Editor. In anthology Editor, amuse annul these anthology values:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE–>SOFTWARE–>Microsoft–>Windows–>CurrentVersion–>UninstallPersonal Antivirus_is1



HKEY_CURRENT_USER–>Software–>Microsoft–>Internet Explorer “PrS”

HKEY_CURRENT_USER–>Software–>Microsoft–>Windows–>CurrentVersion–>Run “Personal Antivirus”

3. Again amuse seek your computer for these files and abolish them from your computer.

Personal Antivirus.lnk





4. After that, amuse annul these directories:

c–>Documents and Settings–>All Users–>Start Menu–>Programs–>Personal Anti Virus

%UserProfile%–>Application Data–>Personal Antivirus

%UserProfile%–>Application Data–>Personal Antivirus–>db

c–>Program Files–>Personal Anti Virus

c–>Program Files–>Personal Anti Virus–>db

c–>Program Files–>Personal Anti Virus–>Languages

If you chase aloft accomplish literally, you can abolish claimed antivirus from your computer easily, about chiral accomplish are abundant harder to chase and If you are not able in alteration registry, you should not attack chiral abatement instructions as you may could cause added abuse to your computer by removing amiss keys.